Best In Class Courses For Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Ones

Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE)

Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE) is a two-day 24-step systematic approach to entrepreneurship. The course was modeled from 25 years, and 25,000 startups at MIT. From ideation and implementation, to operations, growing, and scaling. You will learn the process to determine if your business idea is viable (realistic), profitable (and when), sustainable (will it last), and scalable, all before you are done with the course. This course is available online.

LIFE Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (LEB)

Modeled after the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, the LIFE Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (LEB) is designed to provide attendees with the closest experience to a real-life startup! The Boot Camp is a full immersion event that begins with team formation as attendees partner with others to form their teams with complimentary skill sets.  Teams go through an ideation process to select a startup idea, conduct primary market research, and begin the design and build out process throughout the week.  Daily milestones and mentors keep the teams on track through the long days as they apply learning materials in a fast paced, high-pressure environment. The Boot Camp culminates with a Demo Day Pitch in front of seasoned entrepreneurs and real investors.

Identity Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE)

Identity Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE) is a one-day course designed to address the issues of personal and team identity, purpose, destiny, and fulfillment for work-life integration in entrepreneurship. IDE covers a range of personal assessment tools and applies learning to define business purpose, culture, and values for maximum productivity, fulfillment, and work satisfaction. Students walk away with an understanding of personal identity & purpose, and how to spot a good business idea that aligns with their identity.

Entrepreneurship Operations (EO)

Entrepreneurship Operations (EO) is a one-day course designed to address critical issues faced during the launch and operations phases. The course covers core capabilities like people and partnership, culture and leadership, and learning and innovation. The course also addresses the critical processes to manage customers, financials, and performance along with topics like creative funding, and growth and scaling of the organization.

DiSC: A Language for Behavior (DiSC)

DiSC is one of the most widely used behavioral style instrument in the world. It can be learned in a day, and effectively utilized the rest of your life. This one-day course provides a common language of behavior that allows you to recognize, understand, and value, the general characteristics of the four basic behavioral styles. It helps you identify your own “core” behavioral style so you can recognize your own strengths and potential limitations. DiSC will guide you into developing an action plan to interact more effectively with others, in any behavioral setting, by addressing their motivating factors, and avoiding their fears.

Curating, Scaling, and Managing Culture (CSMC)

Curating, Scaling, and Management Culture is a one-day course based on decades of experience and real-world projects in culture transformation and change management. We explore the stages of personal and organizational transformation, management strategies for each stage of transformation, and methods for engaging and scaling culture.