Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish 500 ecosystems, serving 50,000 entrepreneurs, creating 1,000,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs from ideation and launch, to growth, scaling and exit, and to help establish local entrepreneurship ecosystems connected to a global entrepreneurship community.

Our Values


We are committed to LIFE-long learning, with constant growth and development.


We are committed to serving and knowing our customer better than anyone else.


We are committed to excellence, by finding and providing the best resources in the world to those we server.

Our Founder

Michael is the CEO of McCausland Associates International LLC, a Colorado Springs, CO based consulting firm providing end-to-end solutions for strategy development, organizational alignment, and culture management practices. Michael started his career as an NRC licensed nuclear power plant Reactor Operator and then moved into training design and delivery. As the power utilities began to deregulate he formed a consulting company focused on rapid, large-scale change management and culture transformation. In addition to large-scale change, Michael specializes in the people side of change including culture design and development.

On the non-profit side, Michael was a Founder and the Executive Director of a non-profit operating in more than 150 countries over a 15-year time span. During his tenure, the organization launched two global networks; one focused on business development and the other on disaster preparedness and response. Michael is now focused on launching the Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) to help emerging entrepreneurs with a whole product solution ranging from ideation all the way to operations and scaling and a supporting ecosystem for funding and growth support. Michael is certified by MITx to train the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp course curriculum.

Our Team


Michael McCausland


Alan McCausland


Lucas Lim

Our History

The Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) was birthed out of a desire to equip growth-oriented entrepreneurs with the tools they need to de-risk the startup, grow their business, and scale successfully.

Our search led us to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp provided the skills and learning environment we were looking for to equip the next generation of business leaders. The MIT Bootcamp provides a rapid, just-in-time, value based immersion experience. Following completion of the MIT MOOCs (massive open online courses), the student Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and the instructor Bootcamp, we set our sights on launching the LIFE Entrepreneurship Boot Camp prototype.

Our Track Record


The first LIFE Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (LEB) launched on Oct 17-21, 2016 in Colorado Springs, CO. With the help of MITx as a knowledge partner, our goal was to try and replicate the MIT experience. The LEB launch was attended by 18 students from 6 countries and supported by 4 mentors (2 were MIT GEB Alumni) and 5 Demo Day judges, 3 being investors. Our Demo Day winning team was approached the following week for investment by one of the investors. We are off to a running start and will continue to iterate the LIFE Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and whole product solution with our customers as we move forward. Our hope is to expand globally as fast as we can train our Certified Instructor Team and find quality international partners and event hosts.